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Meet the Maker

Sawdust Santa provides the magic behind Heirloom Wood. Come learn how he began creating custom flags and other unique art for people around the country!

Who Is Sawdust Santa?

Steve is the name on my driver’s license, and no, I don’t drive a sleigh, but these days I’m better known as Sawdust Santa. I believe being likened to Santa Claus is the highest compliment a man can receive, although I didn’t always have that honor.

In a former life I worked in the real estate industry. When I retired in 2005, which now feels like a hundred years ago, I quickly learned that I am not the kind of retiree who’s content to sit around and twiddle his thumbs until the undertaker takes a sudden interest in me. I needed a new business to keep myself occupied!

Plot twist: That business was Mister Lemonade, not Heirloom Wood. When you see that bright yellow trailer with the giant lemon hanging above it, that is Mister Lemonade offering you a tasty lemonade and also snow cones. Mister lemonade is active May through September every summer.

It’s uncomplicated, but it is a good business model. My son Buzz, my daughter Alyssa, son-in-law Zach, and granddaughter Charlie Rose are now taking over Mister Lemonade.

That’s right. First my kids took over my house, and now they are taking over the lemonade business. Such is life! But, I am so proud of my family.

A few years ago my brother Eric in North Carolina, introduced me to woodworking, and I was instantly hooked. I honed my skills on cutting boards and signs (which I still make today), and soon discovered my favorite subject of all: our American flag.

Today I am blessed to make custom wood flags and other pieces of art. With Heirloom Wood I help people honor our country while also celebrating whatever else they would like. In addition to paying tribute to law enforcement professionals, first responders and members of our Armed Forces, Heirloom Wood artwork can feature any sports team, brand, icon or message you could name. A custom Heirloom Wood piece is limited only by the imagination by the person who commissions it. Let’s make a piece of art for you today.

– Sawdust Santa

Whether you’re looking for your own unique piece of art or the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, just ask Sawdust Santa!