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You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

I don't see a design I like! Does that mean you won't make it for me?

That couldn’t be further from the truth, dear potential customer! While I certainly try to provide a great selection of flags and other artwork on this website, there’s no way I could prepare pieces celebrating every sports team, infantry division, car manufacturer and other fine organization ahead of time.

If you would like something special, all you have to do is ask. Please send a request with your name, contact info and what you would like (with a logo or two, if possible), and I’ll have everything I need to create a one-of-a-kind thing of beauty for you.

Does it cost anything to send in a request for a custom or personalized item?

Not a dime, I’m happy to say! I will only request payment once you have approved a proof for your piece.

Do you make all of the items you sell yourself?

Yes indeed! If Heirloom Wood offers it for sale, then it must have been handmade by none other than Sawdust Santa.

How long will it take to receive my order?

My goal is to produce and deliver your piece as quickly as possible – without sacrificing workmanship, of course. As soon as you have approved the proof for your piece, you should expect to proudly display it in your home or place of business within three weeks.

A caveat – Sawdust Santa gets quite busy around Christmastime! If you’re ordering a special something for a special someone, then I would kindly request that you place your order as soon as you’re able.

May I customize or personalize my item?

Oh my goodness, you certainly may! Once you have approved your proof and made certain all the names and other personal information on it are correct, I’ll set straight to work making your beautiful and totally unique piece.

If I have a crazy or special idea. Will you still work with me?

“Crazy” and “special” both mean I get to create something really neat, so I say bring it on! Just include any logos, clip art or other designs that will help me understand what you’re after, and I’ll quickly prepare a proof that brings your crazy or special idea to life.

May I include a name, rank, badge number, department, rank patch, years of service or other specific information on a military or first responder flag?

I would consider it an honor to personalize a flag commemorating an American hero however you would ask me to. Creating such pieces is the source of tremendous pride for me!

Do all the prices listed include free shipping?

The listed price includes shipping to all lower 48 states. Any additional cost would reflect sales tax, when applicable.

Do you still have questions? We still have answers! Please contact Sawdust Santa today!