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Heirloom Wood offers larger 19”x32” wood American flags for sale. Order a premade piece, or custom order one with your own message, logo, or piece of steel on it.


Welcome to where I keep the bigger wood flags! Here you see Heirloom Wood’s selection of 19″x32″ flags, which are perfect for larger wall spaces in garages, offices, living rooms, poolrooms, bars, stores and any other place which could do with a little more patriotism and a lot more personality.

If you see something you love here, then it can quickly become yours to proudly display. Don’t see something you love? That’s only because it hasn’t been created it yet! Please send your idea for a custom flag alongside a logo or clip art to Heirloom Wood today. Once you have approved your proof, you won’t be flagless for very much longer.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Click here for a custom-made sign!